When you are looking for suitable work shoes, it is best to ask yourself first: for your work environment. Which point is essential? For a long time, technology in the field of safety shoes has developed rapidly. Ten years ago, safety and comfort could not have co-existed, and now safety shoes generally have these two points, but this does not mean that these two points can be absolute, as comfortable as sports shoes. So you need to understand what characteristics are essential to your job.
So, let’s introduce the two most important parts of the safety shoe composition: the sole and the safety toe
The sole is generally composed of two parts: midsole and outsole

Midsole: There are currently two types of materials used in the midsole. One is steel midsole and the other is fabric midsole. These two midsoles have huge differences in comfort and purpose. There will also be some differences in stab resistance. Next, let's introduce the difference between the two midsoles in detail.

The soles you need are not only comfortable soles that can stand the test, but also support you so that every step is painless. The rubber outsole is non-slip and provides maximum grip. Using polyurethane material can make the sole light and soft, not only can absorb shock, but also extremely durable.

Safety toe: When it comes to comfortable and safe toe, choose the type of toe suitable for your working environment

Steel toe cap:
Steel toe caps the most traditional choice, but often become extremely cold in environments where the temperatures are getting chilly.

Composite materials:
The composite toe cap is light in weight and can provide better protection. People who want to block the cold outside the shoe favor this toe cap, which is the preferred toe cap material. If steel toe caps are not required and only comfort is sought, then composite toe caps are the better choice.

The standard of the toe will be different, and the name will be different.
Pay attention: The different names, the standards will be different
EN ISO 345 safety shoes: 200 joule impact resistant toe cap.
EN ISO 346 protective shoes: 100 joule impact resistant toe cap.

I hope this article can help you choose a pair of safety shoes suitable for your working environment