Outdoor workers: the doctor suggests that outdoor work should be reasonably arranged labor hours, outdoor work should seize the morning or evening cool hours. The highest temperature is from 12:00 to 4 PM, it is suggested to reduce the exposure time. If must work, the duration should not be too long, take a cool rest every two hours.

Wear broad-brimmed hats to prevent the sun from shooting directly on the head. It is best to wear cotton & linen light color long-sleeve clothes, wear less chemical fiber clothing, so as to avoid not timely heat dissipation when sweating a lot. Some people like to strip off their tops, when doing things, in fact not cool, but get sunburned due to ultraviolet exposure. Heat stroke is often caused by the excessive loss of body fluids and body sodium. More than 1.5 to 2 liters of water should be drunk every day according to the temperature. Workers works in high temperature sweat more, they should drink more sugar and salt water, tea and other salty drinks, timely supplement the consumption of water and salt in the body, to prevent dehydration and causing spasm. In addition, it is suggested to carry a regular cooling medicine, which can be taken preventatively or in the event of mild symptoms.

Eat less but more times: the more you eat at a meal, in order to digest these foods, the more the body produces metabolic calories. Pay special attention to eat less high-protein food, they produce more metabolic calories;

Eat a little bit spicy food: doctors believe that although it is hard to imagine eating these things on hot days, but spicy food can stimulate the heat reception in the mouth, improve blood circulation, leading to a lot of sweating, which can help reduce the body temperature;

Warm water shower: it is best to take a bath with warm water the temperature that slightly below the body’s.

Drink more water: Doctors recommend drinking less water because alcohol may lead to a lack of water. Mineral water or low-sugar soda is a better choice;

Avoid strenuous exercise: strenuous activity will activate the body energy and increase the internal temperature;

Choose a good pillow: use a feather or plush pillow, Pillowcases are best made of cotton, synthetic fiber pillowcase will accumulate heat;

Day nap: Studies show that one of the human body's reactions to a "daydream" is to reduce the body temperature;

Drink chrysanthemum tea: chrysanthemum tea can cool down the brain;

Cold water flush wrist:Cold water at the wrist: Flush your wrists with running water for five seconds every few hours, as this is where the arteries flow. This will cool your blood.

We all know that shoes are very hot and stuffy in summer, wearing shoes is very uncomfortable, so wearing sandals in summer our feet will be more comfortable. But at present, we have to wear safety shoes in places which must be a certain harm, will face such as: punch the foot, smash the foot, burn the foot and so on. So for now, we have to wear safety shoes in places where sandals and slippers are not allowed.

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