More than likely you’re going to get caught up in the rain at some point on a regular workday. When you do get caught in a downpour, generally you’ll come home taking of those wet socks to spot a pair of wrinkled feet. Raydlinx waterproof work boots or water-resistant work boots are key to prevent these kinds of situations. They keep your feet nice & dry, without losing any comfort.

A typical working environment for work boots in contact with liquids is not only limited to ordinary rain. Contact with meltwater, snow, steam, mixtures of water with acids, chemical agents, oil, soaps or organic liquids can occur.

Work boots labeled “waterproof” provide the highest quality level of protection from liquids. Waterproof work boots do what they say, they keep water out and are leak proof, keeping your feet dry in numerous environments.

The requirements for water-resistant or waterproof work boots will depend on the application, for example the degree of water resistance for an everyday safety shoe will be different to that required for a military boot, which is mostly completely waterproof.

Raydlinx waterproof work boots resist water stronger than the market standard and breathable work boots, can be used in many different industries jobs, especially for the rigger handle the rigging hardware or lifting equipments.

The main point of buying waterproof work boots is to keep your feet dry and fresh. Our waterproof work boots even allow breathability for averting sweat when the work environment involves high temperatures, along with a firm insulation in snowy, damp, or rainy areas as well.

When designing waterproof work boots, we enhance water-resistant features by using a waterproof membrane sock, between the lining and upper material.

There are different fabrics used to make a waterproof lining but the way the fabrics are woven together is what gives it gives a waterproof and breathable element to it.

Aside from keeping the water out, the waterproof membrane offers climate comfort for the feet, meaning a degree of breathability to avoid the feet to be overheated or becoming humid by locked-in sweat.

Here at Raydlinx, we don’t think only the waterproof membrane is important. For a perfect comfort performance of the waterproof membrane in the work boot, we like to pay attention for other critical elements resulting in an ideal climate control of the feet in the waterproof work boot:

the assembly of the waterproof sock between lining and upper: without excessive sealing adhesive nor wicking paths from design details such as decorations, foams or other fabrics.

the correct choice of upper material: breathable, non-wicking and water resistant.